The wedding will be a full-day affair if your days start at 2:30pm — like Jenni’s do.

The ceremony: 1430

The ceremony will take place in the grand vestibule at Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne at 328 Flinders Street.

Please arrive well before 1430 to ensure you alone are not the cause of some delay at the critical first event of the day from which we may logistically never recover.

The vestibule is split across two levels; feel free to stake your place on the balcony above. Much like the MCC members stand, no Mexican waves will be permitted.

The ceremony will be followed by a champagne toast at the bar.

PURGATORY: 1530 until 1900

This is your time to shine.

The bar at the Rendezvous will remain open if the weather is cooked and you don’t want to go outside. Alternatively you could walk extremely slowly between venues to take up the full allotment of time.

You could also head over to our Things to Do page for some recommendations of things Jenni and Michael would consider doing if they had the luxury of spare time on their wedding day.

PRE-DRINKS: 1900–1930

Make your way gradually to the main entrance at State Library of Victoria at 328 Swanston Street. Once inside you’ll be directed into the La Trobe Reading Room for pre-dinner drinks and small talk.

The reception: 1930 til late

We’ll then make our way into Ian Potter Queen’s Hall for the reception, which you probably understand on a conceptual level and therefore don’t need any further explanation.