Things to do

Looking for something to do between the ceremony and the reception? We’ve collected a list of things we’d probably think about doing in the city with time to kill.


Nearby at Federation Square is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, where there are fun free exhibitions for the movie and game nerds among us. If you want to cough up some cash, their Winter Masterpiece exhibition this year is Light: Works from Tate’s Collection.

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Also at Fed Square is the Ian Potter Centre, which houses NGV’s Australian art collection. With free entry you can cast your peepers upon some beautiful Australian classics, such as John Brack’s Collins St, 5pm; Frederick McCubbin’s triptych The Pioneer; Arthur Loureiro’s The spirit of the Southern Cross; or Black Gum 1, 2 & 3 by Christian Thompson (although the NGV website is saying Black Gum is not currently on display 😭)

Get some churros, risk being late for the reception

Located conveniently opposite the State Library, San Churro QV serves up thoroughly average churros at an astoundingly pedestrian speed. You could easily kill 60 or 90 minutes or more waiting for your favourite fried Iberian snack and a similarly long amount of time marvelling at the growing queue.

National Gallery of Victoria

Following Swanston Street south over Princes Bridge will take you to the arts precinct, where you’ll find the National Gallery of Victoria, with a huge international collection that you are able to wander for free. Their Winter Masterpiece exhibition this year is The Picasso Century (but ya gotta pay for that one).


If you’d like to while away the hours drinking a brew, you can find Young and Jackson’s on the corner of Flinders and Swanston, right across from the station. It’s a well-known historic pub that has been serving beers since 1861, and for a brief period of that time some of those beers were served by Jenni herself (when she worked there, not because she let herself behind the bar). On the first floor (that is the second floor for any Americans reading) you can find the famous Chloé painting by Jules Joseph Lefebvre. Don’t ask how many old codgers said to Jenni, “Is that you?” while she stood next to it.


If you’re feeling sentimental, why not wander around RMIT, right across from the State Library. It’s somewhere around here that Jenni and Michael first met while doing the very normal hobby of volunteer community breakfast radio. We’re pretty sure both the SYN studios and the office are gone now, so perhaps pour one out in tribute. RIP.
While you’re at it, you could pop into The Curtin at the bottom of Lygon Street, right across from Trades Hall. Many a SYN hangout was had within this dimly lit pub, plus you should pay your respects to the place that Bobby Hawke and his yard glass would frequent before the developers knock it down.


Just a short walk, train or tram ride from the city, why not visit the MCG to peruse a game of AFL? It’s the penultimate round of the season. Might you be treated to the sight of a team tanking for draft picks and bringing the sport into disrepute? Tis the season.

Ponyfish and/or Arbory Afloat

Get some drinks on the water if it ain’t too cold.

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